Living the Moment

You move through space for a brief fraction of time. You do many things to change your life, all moving on planet Earth. Earth moves around a star, that moves in a galaxy, that moves in a universe.

You get better though. You use the ideas of the past to create a future worthy of your children. There are great ideas in the past. We might have better people now, overall. You are a little higher than the shoulders you stand on.

We slowly build our environment. We use the ancient and the cutting edge. You don’t have favorites in time. You want what works best.

Each of us makes advances. Some are tiny, some are revolutionary. The small put together become the large. A mind-boggling system is created that’s better than the best.

The tool might be the same as in the past. But the culture has advanced. Your skills have advanced. You don’t use old techniques because it’s a waste of time. The future gradually overshadows the past.

Think of what caused you to be doing what you do. Study why you pursue your experiences in life. What made you who you are? Why do that action? Maybe there’s something simpler that’s better.

Are you acting out of fear or do you enjoy the game for its own sake?

Pay attention to the little things you do. Those are under your control. The more you pay, the more you’ll notice. Notice more and you become more powerful.

Calm your personality. Pay attention to the way you’re breathing. Pay attention to the way you walk. Living is more enjoyable.

This is a life skill. It’s easy to not practice. Raise yourself out of the immediate situation. Realize this is just a moment of infinity.

How are you living this moment?

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