Pulled to Act

You often look only with your internal states, but an eagle’s perspective on yourself from the outside can improve your situation. Look from there and start behaving how your model-self would act. It’s easy to say “I want to be happy.” Instead think of how a happy person acts in different situations. See what you’re … [Read more…]

Have Better Explanations

Beliefs should make your life better. Choose between valid beliefs and choose the most empowering. What you do, you consider right. On some level you accept the terms. Perhaps other beliefs are equally true yet more empowering. The belief you can fly might be empowering. Don’t jump off a building, though. I think an understandable … [Read more…]

Fortunate (ty11.11.16d3s)

O greatest wizard of time, space, mind, and matter, please guide my thoughts, guide my pen, help me sustain. I face a question, and I ask of you, dear muse, to help me continue. Where can you be mindful most often of the beauty? It seems to be easy to grow accustomed to the beauty … [Read more…]

Fortunate (ty11.11.15d2s)

O wise and glorious leader of actions, muse that turns the metaphysical cogs in my mind, help me, please, as I inquire as to your voice. For today in this hour I have a question. Being that I have elucidated what freedoms means to me, i.e. using my human to realize I need very little … [Read more…]

Fortunate (ty11.11.14d1s)

O great and wise controller of the simulation, please see fit to grant my tongue and mind fluidity of thought as I break apart the issues I face into their subcomponents. For here I am today, laying in a swinging hammock, looking up at the trees and sky, watching the leaves tumble through the air. … [Read more…]

Weeding Knowledge

How much do you feel you know? I think I know very little. I feel admitting ignorance is the best step toward gaining knowledge. Doubt is a firmer foundation of correctness than mistaken belief. Taken one step at a time you can cut out problems from your life. When I’m not sure about a fact, … [Read more…]

Fortunate (ty11.11.13d7s)

O grand and beautiful mind above matter, help me now as I contemplate my small segment of your majestic existence. For now I contemplate a question of deep importance: even with all your flaws, who do you like more? For I like my humor, I like my skills and knowledge, I like my tastes, my … [Read more…]

Experiences, Not Things

Your mind is the requirement to be at peace. After your physical needs are satisfied, choose to apply your insight to your inner confusion. Physical things can’t satisfy you. Think experiences, not things. The beauty around you is worthy of your love. Life is complex in so many intricate details. The closer you come to … [Read more…]

Humility and Pride

Why be humble instead of proud? The first answer is that humility allows you to change over time. You can correct your errors of judgment. There is a social component as well. You enjoy the company of the humble more than the proud. Self-deprecation creates a void. We know it’s not true and we fill … [Read more…]

Pull Yourself

Humans live with three dimensions of space, one dimension of time. With practice we can understand more dimensions, even on an intuitive level. We can break out. This shows that the idea that a ball must travel from point A to point B is not the whole story. You choose how your life is, in … [Read more…]