Pull Yourself

Humans live with three dimensions of space, one dimension of time. With practice we can understand more dimensions, even on an intuitive level. We can break out.

This shows that the idea that a ball must travel from point A to point B is not the whole story. You choose how your life is, in the same way. You are empowered to choose your fabric of reality.

You might choose a reality that you don’t like. One that makes you feel bad, but one that also feels necessary. I don’t believe pain and disappointment is the only life to choose.

Even understanding you can choose does not mean you emotionally accept it. You might understand that your view of daily existence is under your control. But often you won’t imagine the grander future.

Things can hold you back from understanding what you want. You might not be willing to do what helps you. Self-awareness is physically created by your brain. Understand how the brain works and you can delve into deeper secrets of life.

Humans seem to self-sabotage. You might eat too much or do an act that puts you down. Immediate gratification can win out, and you lose.

This short-view of life seems common. Humans seem to want to be stable, not changing. Giving up the present for the future is scary.

We fear the unknown. You know what you get if you do more of the same. Change, and it will be different. Maybe worse.

There is no simple cure to a complex disease. The first step is to recognize the problem.

Do you recognize that you self-sabotage?

The cure may be to simplify. Overextending any part of life makes it hard. Try not to do too much. Love the act itself.

Pushing yourself only works briefly. Pull yourself toward your desires.

Imagine the benefits.

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