Push Your Environment

Interesting how things will work to block our desires. It’s annoying how a daily grind builds up and overwhelms. I believe everything is understandable. Everything has a reason. When life is beating you down you must learn how to gain strength. You must change your actions.

What do you want to do? Or, easier to answer, what don’t you want to do? It’s a fundamental question. It has a big impact on your life.

What are you going to stop? What are you going to start? Life doesn’t have to be accepted as unfair. Cut out what you don’t like. Starve the nonessential.

Are you still doing what you don’t like? It might be because: you don’t know what you like, you don’t know how to change, there might seem to be too many options. You might not believe in your own success. You might appreciate the current comforts more than the potential good. After all, change is risky.

It’s easy to grow fearful and overworked. Terribly easy. It’s massively hard to cut out what’s holding you back. But being dependent on your current situation is not admirable. Being worried and depressed is not productive. You must fight back. Change your environment!

Human ancestors were masters of altering their environment. They had inventions on the order of fire and knives. They made tight fitting clothes. That’s the level of what you should be doing. Where you are afraid to adapt, you are afraid to live.

Challenge the idea of what life can be. You choose your future. That determines your hope. You can choose to interpret your past in a positive manner.

Why wait? Are you expecting spontaneous improvement?

Kick your expectations up a notch. Break old patterns. You know how to start. Don’t be afraid. You are an unbelievable creature. You have awesome potential. Truthfully, your limit is self-imposed by how awesome you believe you are.

If you accept that a thinking animal can break out of any box, then human boundaries become meaningless. They aren’t roadblocks, they are road signs.

All you have to do it keep pushing, and barriers fall.

What aren’t you pushing?

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