The Path of the Future

Matter has changed through time from chemicals to animal and man. It’s been a long path, like a haphazard goose chase. Now on Earth there are reflecting beings that think in precise words and math. Where will they go?

What will you decide to spend energy on?

You develop the energy stores you have. Twenty years to build a machine can save more time. Humanity stampedes toward greater interactions. We have the Internet, phones, and cars. A few centuries ago almost everyone worked on farms. Who do you know that does that?

It’s hard to imagine how much we know. I visited the Chicago Public Library earlier this year. It’s about 7 stories, brightly lit inside, with books as far as the eye can see. One floor had row after row of ceiling-high shelves with just reference books. They were reference books of scientific journals. Scientists publish peer-reviewed results in specific fields like psychology or medicine. Shelves upon shelves upon shelves of years and years of studies and data.

We record everything digitally. The speed of increase is itself speeding up. There is so much data to pour through but we are still in the dark ages. We are still learning how to find more useful facts from the mountain of raw data.

Just as you can always make new progress on a problem, so can science to the progress of knowledge.

Since five centuries ago with the invention of the printing press individuals have had too much to keep up with. You can’t understand all of science. Even a small slice is too much for one person.

So now it comes down to learning what you care about. We will create ways to use the mountains of sources. What would you do with it?

Where will we go from here? It’s exciting. We will organize the mountain automatically with computers. We will improve our physical brains to have more processing power.

Our animal nature will be upgraded. We’ve always done this. Think of eyeglasses or filled tooth cavities. Even taking medicine is a departure from the animal-norm.

You have no limits when you invest the time. The most important thing you can learn is what is important to you.

What’s important to your future?

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