Weeding Knowledge

How much do you feel you know?

I think I know very little. I feel admitting ignorance is the best step toward gaining knowledge. Doubt is a firmer foundation of correctness than mistaken belief. Taken one step at a time you can cut out problems from your life.

When I’m not sure about a fact, I look it up or write it down for later. The world is fantastically rich in detail, so this is easy and fun. No particular step is difficult. Diligence is what’s hard. Over time those confused parts are deleted. Your core becomes solidified.

You start as a baby. You know barely anything. You slowly build up ideas about how things work. Why do babies cry so much? Because the world is confusing. Looking at things is confusing. Even talking is confusing.

Imagine looking at an illusion. It shakes your beliefs. It makes you laugh and furrow your brow.

Humans can understand complex ideas. They must be presented piecemeal. Four-dimensional vision requires time and effort. Like all learning it’s a stepwise process.

Take stock when elders say something is important. A few months ago I gave a speech about doing the work, helping kids learn math and reading. Afterward I was told that compounding value is a great lesson of life. It’s better to learn it sooner. Build a snowball that builds on itself and it will reach incredible proportions.

My dad regularly talks about the need to mentor others. Ensure you’re not a bottleneck for progress. You have to spread your wisdom.

All life works on compound interest. From learning the basics of math to a tree growing from a seed. The younger the plant the easier to kill. When it has gained a foothold it has a high probability of success.

I think it’s fun to go through life slowly dealing with problems one by one. Life, day-by-day, is easy. Work for the long-run and implement productive systems. You can enable much greater progress than you first imagined.

In the beginning, things look easy. In the middle, they look hard. At the end, they are easy again. Things appear less difficult as you understand them.

Slowly gather the good. Slowly weed out the bad. The more thorough you are, the surer your success.

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