Thinking is a Pattern

The pattern of thinking is categorization of symbols. This processing is automatic. In the same way you can’t turn off your sense of touch, you can’t turn off your thinking. You can focus on other things and that will change the sensation, but you can’t flip a switch. You train your brain when you think … [Read more…]

Unlimited Thanks

I see a vast world with fundamentally unlimited opportunities. As long as the Sun keeps shining and the Earth keeps spinning, the smartest creatures on the planet will continue to adapt. It’s obvious that we are able to deal with struggles of a vast nature, but when it comes down to it, individuals are what … [Read more…]

Love Creates Success

A wise man once said that kindness is the prime cause of success and happiness. Humans are complex, but here is a simple thing you can do to help right now, in this very moment. Love yourself. If you really think about it, is there anyone else you’d rather be? I feel the most sure … [Read more…]

The Lesson in the Moment

In every moment is a lesson to learn. Will you focus on it, or will you be distracted? Your brain wants to solve problems. Having a cluttered environment reduces your focus on the important. Remember: out of sight, out of mind. There will be problems you’re deliberately focusing on. Learn to flow, don’t fight it … [Read more…]