Action and Reflection

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. And probably no best way. If you’re facing a hard decision, there will be a better route that will never come to mind. Don’t let that paralyze you.

I advocate separating action from reflection. Action is flowing in the moment and reflection is thinking about the flow. One is tactics, the other strategy.

When you have boots on the field and you’re fighting a massive bear, better not think about how to precisely swing your axe. That will throw you off your game. But when you’re practicing against a straw dummy, it’s wise to understand the overall strategy. Then you’ll learn better ways to act.

Smooth flow from moment to moment builds your momentum. You’ll solve harder problems faster. Shifting gears between acting and reflecting ruins the flow.

Write, then edit. Act, then reflect. Choice paralyzes when you do both at once.

Be in the moment. Reflect on the moment.

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