Keep the Bar Low and Keep Jumping

The important thing is to keep life changing. The present is a moment, and the ball must keep moving or the momentum dies. “If you’re not living you’re dying.” Every time you settle for non-engagement you squander your time alive. Stick up for yourself. Fight for what you know is right. Your pieces will not … [Read more…]

The Gap of Wanting and Having

You are an animal consciousness. The universe will be the way it will be. Suffering comes from the gap between what you have and what you want. You can reduce the gap in both directions. You can want less. You can get more. Wanting less will add value to your life. You still need a … [Read more…]

Action and Reflection

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. And probably no best way. If you’re facing a hard decision, there will be a better route that will never come to mind. Don’t let that paralyze you. I advocate separating action from reflection. Action is flowing in the moment and reflection is thinking about the … [Read more…]

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

More choice offers more chance of regret. You’ll stew when you have more options. Best is to make the decision stop over-thinking. Hard decisions require failure. “Some mistakes will be made along the way. That’s good! Cause at least some decisions are being made along the way. We’ll find the mistakes, and we’ll fix them.” … [Read more…]

You Can Be

Eliminating struggle makes life meaningless. But struggling is different from suffering. You can struggle and still believe you will overcome. Suffering comes from a divided mind. It’s caused by wanting opposing things. When you struggle for the answers, you value them. Struggle gives meaning to life. Putting in the work creates the reward. It’s easy … [Read more…]

You Accept Stress

There is no stopping you when it’s something you want. Yet every act of willpower you expend actually decreases your store of willpower for a certain amount of time. This has been shown in scientific studies, it’s called ego depletion. So how can you change what you’re doing so that it’s seen in a spirit … [Read more…]

Don’t Take Yourself Seriously

You can always do one more thing. That is, until your body wears out. What is the point of your life? Alas, I think it’s not a question that can really be answered. You have to give your life meaning. You have to uncover and discover why life matters to you, given your personal experiences. … [Read more…]

Check Your Ideas

Ideas should make sense. Coherent ideas have better stories. Which of these two jokes, from The Invisible Gorilla, do you find funnier? 1. Question: What is as big as a man, but weighs nothing? Answer: His shadow. 2. If a kid asks where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to tell him is … [Read more…]