The Gap of Wanting and Having

You are an animal consciousness. The universe will be the way it will be. Suffering comes from the gap between what you have and what you want.

You can reduce the gap in both directions. You can want less. You can get more. Wanting less will add value to your life. You still need a driving purpose, something your core animal and human are willing to struggle for.

How do you find that passion? Thought won’t tell you what you gut doesn’t know. Thought can analyze a situation, but can’t combine the mass of details that come together and make something satisfying. Get out there and try something new.

Growing pains are a part of life. Do you know the mammal whose female has the most pain during birth? Humans. We advanced faster than our bodies have changed. Our brains are sometimes literally too big. Usually that’s good, but everything has tradeoffs.

Want what you have. Act from a position of strength.

How can you make your gap smaller?

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