The Lesson in the Moment

In every moment is a lesson to learn. Will you focus on it, or will you be distracted?

Your brain wants to solve problems. Having a cluttered environment reduces your focus on the important. Remember: out of sight, out of mind.

There will be problems you’re deliberately focusing on. Learn to flow, don’t fight it head-on. A solution will crystallize if you let it. Soon enough the problem will quietly diminish into nothingness.

Your mind weaves a yarn and clothes itself in the stories. These stories of what you must do are imaginary. Don’t let them trap your actions.

Life is changeable. Your habits can be changed, even your name. In the long-term, you are in control. But in the short-term, you must practice acceptance of what you cannot influence.

You cannot build a house instantly. You cannot tear it down instantly. Life is a process, not an outcome.

What are you doing to reduce your distractions?