You Accept Stress

There is no stopping you when it’s something you want. Yet every act of willpower you expend actually decreases your store of willpower for a certain amount of time. This has been shown in scientific studies, it’s called ego depletion. So how can you change what you’re doing so that it’s seen in a spirit of abundance rather than scarcity?

We are after all tool-building creatures. We don’t need to worry about things in the future being the same as things in the past. They always work out. They always change.

But if you take a short-term view, things become rather limited. So don’t look at it that way. Be in the world and see it on the time scale of the Now and the Infinite.

People make bad choices under pressure. It’s hard to keep all the important things in mind.

Yet on some level all stress is self-chosen.

How about choosing not to have the stress?

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