Wait and Reconsider

Close your eyes and sleep when you’re tired. It does no good to push yourself beyond your productive time. But how do you know when you should be doing now instead of later? I think it comes down to this: breaks are important. The human body is organic, not a machine. The body requires things. … [Read more…]

Shadow View

Arguing only burns bridges. Don’t prescribe until you’ve diagnosed. To do that you must look though another’s eyes. Have compassion for their life story and point of view. That’s just the first part, though. The next is to see yourself and your body through their eyes. Doing that causes a feedback loop that rapidly trains … [Read more…]

Human Animals and Technology

Humans are apes. Some live in a funny way now, attached to computers and technology and tools. This is a recent phenomenon. The history of humans grew from a prehistory of a tribal culture, based on your extended family. Seek that now and build something for your tribe to identify with. That fulfills you and … [Read more…]

Step Outside Your Ego

The process of knowing starts with humility. Accepting you are not sure enables growth. Invest time to better understand the outdated ideas affecting you. Accept the power you have over life. There are seamless shades between every idea. Very little is black or white. Your power over the world is in how you percieve it. … [Read more…]

Human Future

What is it humans do? We are like other animals: we want to eat, love, and explore. We explore new environments and ways to eat and love more. We explore ways of interacting with each other. From gestures to speech to writing to phones to Facebook, we communicate and connect. We find new ways to … [Read more…]

You’re Not Alone

It’s really easy to get locked into the idea that you are unique, that your emotions are special. But your battles don’t have to be faced alone, without help from people now or wisdom of the past. You aren’t alone. When I hear someone say “they are special” or “different” or “maybe other people are … [Read more…]

Learn What You Like

I feel that understanding why you act in certain ways is more effective than repeating affirmations to yourself. An affirmation is something like “Every day in every way I am getting better and better.” Affirmations seem to affect the very top levels of your decision processes, not the emotional centers. Unless you generate the emotion … [Read more…]

Be Nice

A large part of happiness is feeling like you’re making a positive different on the world. Maybe it’s not a huge, but just smiling and being nice does have an immediate impact. You can’t see the ripple effects, but loving on people in the name of goodness is an effective strategy for life.

You Assign Value

How do you know the right thing to do? I believe you have to assign meaning to your life and to each moment before you. All things in life are valueless until you assign value to them. The power gold or garments have over you is in your beliefs, not external realities. To each moment … [Read more…]

Pass Through the Doorway

You cannot overcome your animal nature. You can’t learn to totally stop breathing, because that wouldn’t do your body any good. Look at things already in line with your animal nature and exploit those. For instance, “out of sight, out of mind.” When you’re already running, it’s easy to take another step. It’s the first … [Read more…]