Animal Cooperation

A few days ago I watched a very interesting document on Nova called Dogs Decoded. It was about wolves and humans coming to cooperate.

Something I didn’t realize was that wolves are social meat-eaters that hunt in daylight and humans were social meat-eaters that hunt in daylight. Apparently there are very few animals that have those traits together. This common strategy created a deeper bond.

Humans have changed and wolves have changed. Our progress has changed from genes to knowledge. Less than thirty-five thousand years ago humans weren’t even painting on caves. Fifteen thousand years ago there weren’t cities. A hundred and fifty years ago there weren’t cars. Twenty-five years ago there was no Web.

I mean to paint the picture that we are progressing faster than you might realize. We are progressing to more abstract symbols. Instead of drawing a cat you can represent it with letters and descriptions that are commonly understood. This allows more detail so you gain expressive power. You can say more with less, and that compounds.

Growing up is like this. As a baby you didn’t know how to see. You learn patterns as you grow, until you are able to provide insight others didn’t notice.

The point of this is that human cooperation and internal personal growth depend on trust. Lies violate that trust because they create an unsure shaky ground.

Accusations do not promote trust. Neither does criticism. One of the biggest challenges of life is being able to control your emotions. You can’t run too hot or cold or you’ll burn out or freeze.

You have to balance what you want with what you will want. Sometimes the best solution is to take a deep breath and stop taking yourself so seriously.