Be a Human Being

The fundamental task of a human is not to do, but to be. That is why we are called human beings. If you aren’t taking time out of your busy schedule of doing to sit back and be, consider these reasons.

Being promotes health. Relaxation is an important part of life. Constant stress is not what nature intended. Worry saps strength.

Being promotes new perspectives. Just be, without trying to attach any good or bad to your current state. It frees your mind from the past and future and lets you live this moment fully. Do that and you’ll become aware of more around you.

Being strengthens resolve. Over the course of a day little irritations come up and absorb your thought in battling them. Regularly take time to stop and let yourself breathe and you can overcome.

Speed is fun. Running fast and playing and jumping is great. That’s why kids do it. But becoming addicted to speed will actually slow you down. You have to balance the Future with Now.

Attention and focus are vital skills. They can be cultivated if you stop and try.

Sit in a comfortable chair and try not doing anything. Just be, and experience the moment as it is happening. Reality is a teacher that will explain if you stop talking to yourself and start listening to the world.