Content of Character

I wonder how to actually improve your character. It’s been said that if you lose everything and keep your character, you’re doing well. If all you really have is your outlook on life, you better make sure it’s a good one.

I don’t know if you can easily break apart and redefine your character. The way you look at the world is very ingrained in your brain. It seems to me big things you can’t control are made of small things you can. If you work on small bits you can actually change how you feel.

Humans are animals, and animals are limited in their potentials. They can only do so much with their life. Humans are more powerful because we are able to self-reflect and see how to reach a higher potential.

The overall philosophy of this blog is ending lies, especially within yourself. It’s the nature of the mind to become wrapped up in illusions of a need to succeed. Obviously success is what you want, right? The deeper question is why you want the success in the first place, what causes you to get up and fight. What is your motivation?

Evolutionary pressures probably make most motivation stem from a desire to help your family and loved ones. That’s what has worked in the past to promote the human race.

A desire for social help and validation seem deeper than any differences and weirdness we have. We all have preferences, but we all want to help fellow humans.

If you want to be succeed you have to understand yourself and your definition of success. My definition of success is inner peace. All other guides for life, whether happiness, excitement, fun, or truth, have inner peace as the final outcome. Why not cut straight to the heart and try to understand yourself from the very beginning?

How can you actually understand yourself? It’s a journey that never ends. Every time you learn more you have more areas to explore. In my opinion the first step is to admit you don’t know. You don’t know the secrets of the world. In fact it may hurt to wring them out.

Internal lies seem to prevent that quality of self-trust and inner peace. Facing the abyss within yourself is just as scary as facing the nothingness off the edge of a cliff. It’s not easy or fun to look your contradictions in the face and ask, “Is this really necessary?”

But perhaps that might be the only thing that will help. It will hurt to ask yourself, “Why do I believe this?” It’s like a brick of confusion to the face. But every step you take will show you the next place to step.

A car has headlights to show the way. You can drive across the country in the dark with very little light at any one moment. And yet look! The traveler made an impressive journey simply moving step by step.

I started by talking about working on your character, because that’s what lasts. To me the single most important skill, even more than communication, is the skill of having an open mind. It feels like a skill to me because no matter how much you may want to be objective, the brain has ancient structures that trick your thinking if you don’t realize they are there. You have to learn how to overcome them.

The skill of having an open mind is so important because of the speed humans are advancing. If you become stuck in your old ways you will not enjoy the fruit of the new ways. The open mind, which is essentially curiosity, is what allows you to embrace better ideas.

I ask you and I ask myself, what is it you want your character to be? And more important, why?

I believe if you can answer those questions genuinely you’ll immediately deeply change your character.