Human Future

What is it humans do? We are like other animals: we want to eat, love, and explore. We explore new environments and ways to eat and love more. We explore ways of interacting with each other. From gestures to speech to writing to phones to Facebook, we communicate and connect. We find new ways to creating delicious foods. Humans never stop the relentless struggle to understand the universe.

Where will that take us? These motivations of love will continue. Will we be like the Jetsons with flying cars and robots, or more like the Matrix with reality simulators? Human culture might become super-diversified, with very little similarities between us. We might celebrate the differences among us that lead to innovation and insight but each person will still be a little weird. Soon most of us will probably embed technology directly into the body and brain. Then we become so much more than our animal forms.

It’s an amazing and hopeful future. It will still be life, though, as hard and unpleasant as it sometimes is. The pain and discomfort and struggle still must be there for it not to get boring. If you could create anything with your mind, what would it be?

Remember this idea: “No person can write a story with characters smarter than the author.”