Notebook + TED = Awesome

The faster you update your skills, the more effective you are. How do you do this in daily life? There are two things I recommend that I personally enjoy: a notebook and TED talks.

The first is a pocket notebook. Your brain constantly produces awesome ideas. They bubble out of your subconscious and unless you record them they’ll disappear, making you poorer in thought and joy.

I really like the Rite in the Rain Tactical Memo Book, Model #954. Here’s a review from BlackCover. It’s a great size for a pocket and you can clip a pen on the back cover and keep it together.

I love taking notes because it concentrates witty and interesting experiences. Memory is fragile for pulling up details, but a pocket notebook is reliable. Little ideas, concerns, funny things you hear, all can be given a home in a secure place. It’s fun to read a snapshot of experiences of days gone by.

The second thing I’d recommend to have more fun is watching TED Talks. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. It’s a conference where people give great and well-produced speeches.

It’s unbelievable the number of incredibly interesting ideas ready for you, sitting, waiting for you to click play. Each has a speaker with different insights and different flavors of awesome. Some are better than others, but I feel even the worst presenter will say one worthwhile sentence in fifteen minutes. Write it in your notebook and soon it’ll be bursting with positive inspiration.

Do these two things. Keep notes and watch TED talks. Watch one every day and copy the interesting bits and I guarantee life will become more vivid.