Now is all that Is

If you can be content in this very moment without doing anything else, you have great strength. When you allow yourself to live in this moment, without needing things to be “done” or “changed”, you can muster a power that no fear or anger can affect.

Your desires for how you think things should be actually restricts your sight. It’s a tunnel-vision that prevents you from loving the beauty around you. That limited sight creates ignorance, and then fear and anger.

Things don’t have to go the way you want, and most of the time they won’t. If you can accept defeat and unhappiness and irritation and pain as a condition of life, then you can experience peace right now.

Fighting the situation can provide energy, but it can also taint your thinking in a negative way.

Stop trying to force yourself. Just stop. Be still. Live in this moment, at least once in your life.