Try to Understand

Sometimes it’s better to keep silent then tell the truth. But when it comes to your personal feelings, it’s best to try to understand yourself. There is always a reason, and it may not be a very good one. Don’t shy away from pain if it helps you grow.

If It Bothers You, Fix It

When something bothers you more than other people you should be the one to fix it. If you do this you’re treating others how you want to be treated. That’s good because then they will return the favor and you’ll get what you want. We all have problems. The way you respond to those problems … [Read more…]

Blame Versus Praise

Is it really wise to assign blame to people? Does that really move the ball forward? Maybe you’ll know who not to deal with later, but often it’s just bickering with no point. Instead of asking who did what wrong, why not figure out how to make the situation better? It’s easy to criticize, it’s … [Read more…]

Look for Solutions

It’s easy to criticize. It’s easy to pick out problems and subtract value. It’s hard to be objective. It’s hard to find solutions and create value. Are you standing up to the ideas of the past that might have no place in the future?

Understanding the Future

When you understand a thing you can make it better. If you don’t understand it, fear reigns. A few nights ago I listened to a recording of a radio broadcast from the ’50s called With Folded Hands. It’s a scifi story about robots that take over the planet. The most interesting thing that popped into … [Read more…]

Be a Human Being

The fundamental task of a human is not to do, but to be. That is why we are called human beings. If you aren’t taking time out of your busy schedule of doing to sit back and be, consider these reasons. Being promotes health. Relaxation is an important part of life. Constant stress is not … [Read more…]

Satisfying Everyone

There is no way you can satisfy everyone. Some people won’t like you for reasons you don’t care to control, and you’re better off for it. You can’t make something for everyone, you have to be who you are and create what only you can create. By showing you care about the select group and … [Read more…]

Creation and Consumption

To become better you must create. Creating and consuming have a fundamental difference. It’s easier to read a short story than a novel. It’s also easier to create a short story than a novel. What is easy is not always best. You grow more from creation than consumption. It’s more rewarding. Creating something new forces … [Read more…]

The Underlying Reasons

When you’re dealing with people, and even with yourself, listen to the underlying emotion and not just the statements. The TV show House has a fascinating scene that stuck with me and I think you can apply to your life. House was sitting in a room with a boy that’s saying odd things. The boy … [Read more…]