Satisfying Everyone

There is no way you can satisfy everyone. Some people won’t like you for reasons you don’t care to control, and you’re better off for it. You can’t make something for everyone, you have to be who you are and create what only you can create. By showing you care about the select group and you aren’t willing to cut corners, you’ll surround yourself with people that make you better and happier.

First you have to satisfy yourself. I help immigrant kids with their homework for a nonprofit. If you aren’t having fun, you can’t help them have fun. First you have to get mentally and emotionally in a place where you desire the best long-term outcome. That starts with your outcome, because you’re the one who has to live with you the longest.

Satisfy yourself first, focus on what you love. I love the beauty of nature and intelligence. I love how humbling the stars are. I love considering humans as the animals they are and taking us off a pedestal we never really had.

I think we can be better, but it starts with you. You have to want to be better, to be satisfied and content, and happy. I think you do that by seeing how you can make others happy.

That’s been a hard lesson for me to learn, because philosophically I come from a very individualistic mindset. The problem first and foremost is that humans have always been social creatures. Another problem is that knowledge is extremely nebulous. Any particular point has exceptions, and knowing something is only a part of the picture. Facts only exist with a theory to view them by. Ultimately, choosing which theory to use is up to you.

My rule is to focus on the skills of curiosity for nature, communication with others, and compassion for life.