Self Fulfilling

A wise man once said, “So much thinking is self-fulfilling prophesy.”

I think this is true. Look at the placebo, where you take a pill that doesn’t actually change your body chemistry, but you believe it will. That belief changes your brain and your brain heals your body.

Another wise one said, “The most important sex organ is the brain.”

Consider this on multiple levels. There’s the obvious level of an individual, but there’s also another level. Sex is used to continue the species, a more intelligent brain can have more opportunities for sex.

Many factors come together for a being to reach its goals. There are uncontrollable forces, like where you were born or how you were raised. There are also influenceable forces. You control to a large degree what you keep around you. Clutter of things and people that aren’t helping you might affect you in ways you don’t realize.

Steve Jobs, cofounder of Apple, said that all of what you call life was made up by people no smarter than you. You can change it, and if you poke life, something will pop out on the other side.

In my opinion even the physical body and brain are no obstacle for human progress. Cormac McCarthy said, “It’s more than theoretically possible to implant a chip in the brain that would contain all the information in all the libraries in the world. As people who have talked about this say, it’s just a matter of figuring out the wiring.”

You really are living in the future of your past. What are you going to be now?