Shadow View

Arguing only burns bridges. Don’t prescribe until you’ve diagnosed. To do that you must look though another’s eyes. Have compassion for their life story and point of view.

That’s just the first part, though. The next is to see yourself and your body through their eyes. Doing that causes a feedback loop that rapidly trains you toward effective behavior.

Can you really train to see yourself through another person’s eyes? I think so, because humans get good at what they practice. Observe your body through another’s senses and memories. Doing so actually enlightens you and frees you from your pain.

Imagine someone standing right behind you, just out of sight. This shadow person is watching all the movements you’re making, like an invisible teacher. The shadow teacher can show you how to live without being locked in your head. Look from your teacher’s view and your actions gain a surreal quality of ease and interest.

When you’re looking from the shadow’s point of view, the ego is gone. Only the bare animal machinery is running. That’s the oldest and most important part. As you train your intuition of the actual hardware, you can adapt faster to a changing situation. You aren’t locked in one perspective.

If you let go of your identity, let go of all your beliefs, then you are free to absorb new ones.

Thinking of the shadow view frees you to perform with less fear. You see it from their point of view, and you’re distracted from the pain. It adds a whole new level to the game.

The bottom line is this: You don’t have to be trapped in your head. Travel into another’s. In that path lies true understanding. It reveals the problems that all humans share.