The Underlying Reasons

When you’re dealing with people, and even with yourself, listen to the underlying emotion and not just the statements.

The TV show House has a fascinating scene that stuck with me and I think you can apply to your life.

House was sitting in a room with a boy that’s saying odd things. The boy jumped around from topic to topic about things he was seeing and what House was saying. Instead of trying to get the boy to focus, House saw the nonsense had a sublime order, a more subtle cause. He detected the reasons for the boy’s thoughts and was able to help him.

We get wrapped up in our own lives. We forget others are the heroes of their stories. Step back and take a look from their point of view. It gives you an interesting light to shine into your own life.


Often we are very cloudy in our minds, with only some street lights and the moonlight showing the way. See from the outside and look in. It will teach you about awareness of self.