Wait and Reconsider

Close your eyes and sleep when you’re tired. It does no good to push yourself beyond your productive time.

But how do you know when you should be doing now instead of later?

I think it comes down to this: breaks are important. The human body is organic, not a machine. The body requires things. Trying to “push through” sleepiness may hurt your overall output. Sleep is more important than almost anything else. Without it you die. With little you are irritable and uncreative.

Happiness and success are things that by trying to aim at you’ve already lost. If you’re asking yourself if you’re happy, then you aren’t. Happiness comes as a side-effect of feeling useful.

Whatever task you’re currently doing seems more important than it really is. When you take a break it allows some perspective. Count to 15 in your head, and ask the question again: “Is this really important right now?”. Laziness might be tricky, but it can be understood.

Close your eyes and count slowly to 15. Without opening your eyes ask if the job needs to be done right now. Resting or a different activity may be a better investment of time. Whatever the conclusion, you’ll probably feel better about what to do.

Here is something important to remember: Most bad luck comes from being too hasty and trying to do to much, not from being too cautious and safe. The opportunities for success will come again. Feeling pressured to decide ruins your abilities.