You’re Not Alone

It’s really easy to get locked into the idea that you are unique, that your emotions are special. But your battles don’t have to be faced alone, without help from people now or wisdom of the past. You aren’t alone.

When I hear someone say “they are special” or “different” or “maybe other people are like that but not me…”, it feels wrong to me. I’ve come to the conclusion that people are basically the same. The differences are small and caused by your environment growing up. Most humans experience the same problems and worries: “Am I good enough?”

There is an idea called the Toba catastrophe theory. It suggests about 70,000 years ago there was a bottleneck in the human population that reduced it to about 15,000 people. That was because a giant Toba supervolcano in Indonesia erupted and changed the environment.

That means there was a huge reduction in genetic diversity. Because it was so recent, that really merges the features of humans today. In evolutionary time we haven’t really become different.

We are the most social and curious creatures on the planet. We basically all want to love our family and friends and create and discover new things.

A TED speaker made a point about the conscious and unconscious mind. He said the conscious mind wants prestige and external success, while the unconscious wants the transcendence of being totally absorbed in a creative craft.

Even if you feel alone and frustrated and hopeless, all others have felt the same way. The great humans of the past have told and written stories to calm your mind to the discomfort and promote the excitement of living. Myths, Shakespeare, and most religious and cultural texts have added to this wealth of insight into the human condition.

Take advantage of the wisdom of the past. Don’t be afraid to connect with other people. Often they are just as lonely, concerned, and human as you are.

You need people and they are basically the same as you.