Fun Right Now

Sit down and do the work. It will get done and you will feel better for having done it. But don’t let your desires for your future impede your ability to have fun right now.

Intelligence can be defined as the ability to adapt quickly. Because we humans are so intelligent, that makes our lives rather open-ended. From this comes the existential angst of “What should I do?” The question hampers action because you suppose there’s always something better right around the corner. Instead look at it this way: whatever you’re working on, do the best you can.

In contrast the squirrel hunts for food under a tree. It has a very narrow definition of success: eat, don’t be eaten, and mate. The squirrel doesn’t have to wonder what it should do, because it dies if it doesn’t do it. You will not die from choosing the wrong course. In fact your life may be even more interesting.

We apes have grown strong through cooperation and long-term insight. But don’t let that desire for growth over time ruin the fun you can have right now.

“Impossible is temporary; it’s just a matter of time.”
— C. McPherson