Keep Perspective on the Past

The extent of human knowledge is growing at a very rapid pace, and yet very little has caught up with the rest. There are areas of life that are pre-digital. There are even areas that are pre-machine. This is the world we live in, and you can make it better.

If that’s the case, you have to decide what to focus your energies on. Focus on the things that map the pre-machine to the machine-world. We are only getting faster, and if you can make machines do your bidding you have a great advantage.

Think of how much advancement we’ve had as a species in the last 20 years: cell phones became popular, the Web and the Internet and email took off, and science is awash with so much data we can’t even manage it all.

Now think of the 200 years before that point, from 1790 to 1990. This was a revolutionary time, too. We went from working in whatever we apprenticed and grew up doing, to manufacturing planes, trains, automobiles and computers. Our lives radically changed.

It’s easy to see your life on one scale and not realize all the giants it took for us to get here. Have respect for the people that came before, but realize you can be better than even them. You have their wisdom and experience to draw from to create something revolutionary and awesome.

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