Letting Yourself Believe

How can you let yourself believe? In the case of a wonderful job opportunity, or relationship or spiritual enlightenment, what is actually holding you back is not lack of skills, but absence of belief that you can have what you want.

Some ‘rational’, ‘conscious’ part of you believes you cannot have it, and so you fight and struggle and suffer and invent reasons why not. But from my experience, and I’ve had some bold ones with regard to vivid letting-go experiences, it’s not when you think you can do without that you can make peace with not having, but when you fully accept that you can have something, and then are proven wrong and have a breaking point. That is when you really let go.

Your conscious mind cannot be told to let go, because really the subconscious is running the show. Some part of you really believes it’s still possible to have what you desire, and ironically it’s not by rationalizing why-not that the desire will go away, but by exploring the desire fully and totally. You can’t push away feelings, they exist for a reason.

You need to stop lying to yourself and admit, deeply, that you desire something. Then you can move forward and explore that option, without any judgment about whether it is right or wrong. Once your subconscious and your whole soul believes it could happen, that it’s OK to want the desire, only then will you be able to rise above your former self and accept a different course.

Until you let yourself believe it is possible, that you can have anything you want, you will have internal conflict. That internal disagreement is suffering. The divided mind wants two different things, and unless you can let yourself totally believe one or the other, you will continue to feel mental pain.

“Okay forget all of that. Right now, lightsaber to your throat, what does your gut say?”
Steve Kamb

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  1. This is a good post and I agree, thinking positively will help you accomplish dreams and goals. Many thanks for helping me realize how important it is to believe in yourself and capabilities!

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