Longevity Research


physical exercise impacts all those negative things

VO2Max: maximum oxygen consumption
you have a lot of control over how fit you will be
probably not working that hard

there is a threshold of disability in sedentary life, where you can’t take care of yourself

they are having trouble keeping up their training as they age

you have to do it throughout your life

you have to tease out what’s detraining and what’s aging

more women end up in the threshold of disability

you can control your own environment

bad news, all components fail with age
good news, many can be slowed

similar amount of improvement in old as in young about 20-30 increase

max heartrate can’t be reversed

“I don’t now consider myself to be old.”

approx 8% decline in strength per decade after 45yo

different types of fibers in the muscles

if you aren’t using the fibers they won’t reinverate and will disappear

younger people are more likely to catch themselves after a trip and not fall

once again, regular physical exercise can fix the decrements

you get benefit at any age from exercise

causes increase in spontaneous activity levels

there is a spiraling up naturally

nothing so far has proven as effective at reversing muscle loss as resistance training

“A question out of contex is hard to answer.”

there seems to be a break point around 70-80yo

self-chosen walk pace declines

hard to separate out biological aging and biobehavioral (mind-body changes)

there is a pretty consistent fall off in older age range

throughout the lifespan there are substantial benefits, even when you are old

there are a handful of contraindications to exercise, like a brain aneurism

you are very agile so you can adjust really quickly

the world population has been getting heavier

excess body fat is associated with a variety of problems

these numbers of exercise vs sedentary has not changed in the last 50 years

“Everything is getting easier and we are engineering exercise of our lives.”

labor saving devices add up over time

wash dishes by hand, walk .8miles to work instead of driving, take stairs instead of elevator; 111kcal per day extra used

10 calories extra per day equals a pound of fat a year

your body is really good at maintaining your body weight

small changes can make a big difference

if you could take exercise in a pill, you probably would

physical activity can reduce mobility and health when you overdo it

Changes in cognitive function are impacted by physical activity

“Surprise surprise, they’re connected.”

“Broad and specific effects.”

taking that hour you would be on your computer and walking in the woods had the most effect

more fit and active kids have higher test scores

new blood vessels and new neurons in the brain

increasing activity increases the blood flow to the brain

“They are trying to tease apart that problem.”

the investment hypothesis, compounding value

it’s best to start early, but you still get benefit from any time

“I’m not a behavioralist.”

book: switch – by chip and dan heath, elephant and rider and following the path

path, integrate movement into lives, change the environment
elephant, find creative, fun ways to move

“Integrate movement into your life.”

intermittent lifestyle exercise can be as effective when looking at health related outcomes as intense but sedentary the rest of the time

the numbers of deaths is greatly reduced even bumping up the activity a little

1974 vs 2000, 66% vs 13% that walked or biked to school

interrupting sitting may help

“emerging area of research”

standing is 20% more energy than sitting; walking is 300% more

“This idea is really catching on.”

“If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”

“You can’t force the elephant.”

“They were inspired to pedal harder.”

“Fun can obviously change behavior for the better.”

“Not just fun though, but tying it to something you are passionate about.”

“You get a dollar off your smoothie if you use pedal power to run the blender.”

the biological age of the cell was younger in the twin that exercised

resistance exercise makes DNA processes and repair in older muscle looked younger, especially in mitochondria

combined impact of positive health behaviors equivalent to 14 years younger

“Mitochondria degeneration is one of the theories associated with aging.”

“Don’t over-interpret this because this is a specialized model.”

“the exercise pill”, it tricks the body into thinking they have been exercising

there is a lot more to physical activity that is not pure endurance

“There’s a test already for that drug, so don’t take it.”

“Progress is going forward anyway.”

we need to find creative ways to get people to move