Notice The Moments

How do you know what will actually give you happiness? Is there a truth that will tell you in practical terms what to do with your day?

I don’t think there’s a direct answer that works for everyone. In fact this is what gives you value. You decide what’s important and how to get there. You bear the costs and benefits of those choices.

The closest answer may be a rule of thumb: Invest your attention. I feel in some way the attention you invest in this very moment pays off in the other moments.

Life is every moment. When you’re investing attention in the bites you’re eating, the feeling of the wind and sun on your skin, the joy of a comfortable day, you are rewarded with a clearer and less stressful life. Those rewards compound and improve your productivity.

Always be serious in taking nothing seriously. Look at the world around you with awareness and attention. It may seem like you “don’t have time” for this. That’s a short-term view. Just like sleep or exercise, attention is a crucial part of your creative output.

Go slow and enjoy the process. Pay attention to this moment.