Keep Perspective on the Past

The extent of human knowledge is growing at a very rapid pace, and yet very little has caught up with the rest. There are areas of life that are pre-digital. There are even areas that are pre-machine. This is the world we live in, and you can make it better. If that’s the case, you … [Read more…]

Letting Yourself Believe

How can you let yourself believe? In the case of a wonderful job opportunity, or relationship or spiritual enlightenment, what is actually holding you back is not lack of skills, but absence of belief that you can have what you want. Some ‘rational’, ‘conscious’ part of you believes you cannot have it, and so you … [Read more…]

Fun Right Now

Sit down and do the work. It will get done and you will feel better for having done it. But don’t let your desires for your future impede your ability to have fun right now. Intelligence can be defined as the ability to adapt quickly. Because we humans are so intelligent, that makes our lives … [Read more…]

Perspective is Everything

Comfort comes from getting rid of pain. There are two ways to do that: decrease the stimulus or increase your perspective. Look at a cloud and you’ll realize how small you are.

Intelligent Women

I was told last night that four times as many frequent Facebook users were female. There may be an evolutionary reason. Think of humans as apes that learned to cooperate and form hunter-gatherer tribes. The females need to take care of the babies and they are not as physically powerful. They might tend to gather … [Read more…]

Bioinformatics 2012-02-07

Bioinformatics 2012-02-07 Stanford “Let me remind everybody where we were last time.” “Variants to the model.” histogram “The point here is not just to be mathematically elegant.” “One very elegant way to do this…” “The most important question: How does this help you? How can you use this?” “Is there a biological explanation for this … [Read more…]

Practice What’s Hard

Unless you do the work, you can’t expect to create anything of value. But why is it called work? It must be dificult at some point in time, either now or as you were struggling to improve. To gain the most from your struggle, focus on what you can’t yet do. A piano player must … [Read more…]

Do Not Force Yourself

Being unrelenting is a powerful skill. But your willpower is not reliable. You run out of will. Instead of “forcing” yourself to do something, here are two strategies to improve performance. The first is to understand why you want something. You want to have a pull toward some positive goal, not a push from a … [Read more…]

New Sun, New Battle

Every day the battle must be fought anew. No rest will feel justified unless you’ve fought hard. Work on the systems you have in your environment. Work on your personal philosophy. That will train your animal self to be in line with your human desires.