Plan for Bad Sleep

Imagine you wake up, tired and sore. You’re still groggy, but not sleepy, and you feel there’s a lot that needs to be done. How do you 1) find out what to do 2) actually become capable enough to do it?

One key idea is that you are an animal. That means your ability to produce goes through cycles. Whether you want it to or not, that’s how your body works.

So you have to set up a system while you’re in the right frame of mind. You want to be able to organize your plan, but not too optimistic that you’re blind to failure paths.

This frame of mind depends on many factors, such as who you’re with and how you feel throughout the week. But it probably does follow some pattern. Find out what it is and take advantage of your natural tendencies.

If you wake up in a bad mood and have no plan of attack, you’ll suffer even more. With little focus plans are hard to create. You need a neutral and broad-mind so you can see both sides of the coin.

The point is to have a plan instead of scrambling. Even a bad plan probably helps prevent procrastination and distraction.