San Francisco and Pen Sticks

Yesterday I imagined reality as a man running the Sahara. I ran 1.75mi straight. I’ve never done that before. I didn’t believe I could. Hypnosis is a very powerful tool. I was going to a Life Extension conference in South San Francisco. The longer people live the more experience they have and value they can … [Read more…]

Skullcrusher Biohacking

It’s funny how what you focus on changes what you experience. That is why hypnosis can be so powerful. Jay and I went for a walk this morning before heading to Back-A-Yard Caribbean food. I was quite surprised to see roosters on the trip. I like how we all move along at a certain pace … [Read more…]

SF and EduTech Mixer

Jay Damodaran and I went to San Francisco for a jaunt around the city and an education technology mixer. Jay, in fact, does look like a movie star. That’s Sutro Tower. It’s about a thousand feet tall. Look closely and you can see two regular-sized towers to the left of it. It looks like an … [Read more…]

A Hypnosis Experiment

When in Vegas I was hypnotized by some of the world’s best bleeding edge hypnosis researchers: Ant, Kev, and Marcus of Head Hypnosis is imagination that becomes subjectively real. It is very, very powerful. Marcus hypnotized me to imagine a small bottle of tabasco sauce as everclear, a pure liquor. He also did name … [Read more…]

Meaning and Automatic Imagination

I’ve been reading A Whole New Mind. I like that it talks about meaning. I journaled about this a couple of nights ago, thinking deeply about it. Life seems to have meaning because of the evolutionary benefits that come from sensible objects. Things that work are more beautiful. The more deeply they work, and the … [Read more…]

Vegas Holding Pattern

I flew to Vegas today via Virgin America. We were sitting in the reasonably-comfortable seats when over the intercom the captain announces: “Well, we’re about 10 minutes from Las Vegas. I can see out of the left window. However, there is a VIP security official down there. We have to go into a holding position … [Read more…]

Hypnosis and Augmented Intelligence

Chauvet cave has the oldest known paintings. Today I went to a meeting with a friend working on a nonprofit in the Bay Area. He’s always interesting to talk with because he has stream-of-consciousness thinking. I wish him luck. I studied another hypnosis video. They demonstrated the power of the mind to hallucinate a cigarette … [Read more…]

Stanford and Interview Questions

I talked with my sister on the bike ride to Stanford today. I believe in the power of close relationships to increase happiness. It’s so easy to stay in touch, all it takes is a little effort. Don’t forget, the world runs on smiles. Talk to someone and make them happy. I had some Korean … [Read more…]

Biomarkers, SF, Lisp, and Unicycling

On Saturday Jay and I made our way to NorCal CrossFit to listen to a talk about how to use biomarkers to improve your health. It was interesting. They were pitching a product called WellnessFX. They take a blood sample and check for levels of biomarkers like Vitamin D, different types of cholesterol, sodium, and … [Read more…]

Nanostructures and Hacker Dojo

Today was full of adventures! A friend of the awesome Harvey Multani, a man named Jay Damodaran, moved into the Menlo Park house last night. We three went out to Pizza My Heart in Palo Alto and told stories for hours. Harvey’s story about taking on 7 guys at boarding school had me crying with … [Read more…]