San Francisco and Pen Sticks

Yesterday I imagined reality as a man running the Sahara. I ran 1.75mi straight. I’ve never done that before. I didn’t believe I could. Hypnosis is a very powerful tool. I was going to a Life Extension conference in South San Francisco. The longer people live the more experience they have and value they can … [Read more…]

Skullcrusher Biohacking

It’s funny how what you focus on changes what you experience. That is why hypnosis can be so powerful. Jay and I went for a walk this morning before heading to Back-A-Yard Caribbean food. I was quite surprised to see roosters on the trip. I like how we all move along at a certain pace … [Read more…]

SF and EduTech Mixer

Jay Damodaran and I went to San Francisco for a jaunt around the city and an education technology mixer. Jay, in fact, does look like a movie star. That’s Sutro Tower. It’s about a thousand feet tall. Look closely and you can see two regular-sized towers to the left of it. It looks like an … [Read more…]

A Hypnosis Experiment

When in Vegas I was hypnotized by some of the world’s best bleeding edge hypnosis researchers: Ant, Kev, and Marcus of Head Hypnosis is imagination that becomes subjectively real. It is very, very powerful. Marcus hypnotized me to imagine a small bottle of tabasco sauce as everclear, a pure liquor. He also did name … [Read more…]