Go With Your Gut and Focus on the Person

A couple days ago after the TEDx my friend Harvey Multani mentioned that he thought I was one of the most congruent people he knew. I guess that means I try to live my principles.

There’s two tactics I’d like to share that perhaps can help you feel better and more congruent with your principles, whatever they may be.

The first is, on trivial matters, to go with your gut. Your intuition can be built up. You can have a sense about things. But if you never use it, that won’t happen.

So whenever I’ve got to make a choice between some different foods I like, or products to buy, or actions to do first, I take a step back from the problem and go with my gut. Go with the first thing you see that feels right.

Conscious deliberation only aids you in certain situations where being logical is most effective. But often it’s rational to go with what feels good, and that means the first thing you see. If it doesn’t work, you won’t like what you get and you’ll tune your intuition. Do more things without thinking about them.

The second tactic is a bit trickier to understand and implement. I can’t really do it on command, yet.

The idea is when you are interacting with someone to be totally present and acknowledge their existence and life as a human. This can also be applied to me-time.

I like to take notes so I won’t forget ideas. I asked Harvey if that was rude. He said when you’re dealing with a new friend, no information is as important as connecting and solidifying that relationship. If it’s something really necessary it will pop up again.

Focus on the person. Remember they’ve lived an entire life and are now sitting in front of you.

Changing how you think of the situation changes how you act.


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