Hypnosis and Augmented Intelligence

Chauvet cave has the oldest known paintings.

Today I went to a meeting with a friend working on a nonprofit in the Bay Area. He’s always interesting to talk with because he has stream-of-consciousness thinking. I wish him luck.

I studied another hypnosis video. They demonstrated the power of the mind to hallucinate a cigarette tasting bad, make themselves invisible, compel someone to tell the truth, and change a person’s name.

Obviously there is something going on here. Whether it’s a hiccup of the brain or a phenomenon that serves some evolutionary benefit (like increased empathy), it’s very real and very powerful. I want to know how it can be applied to increase calm, confidence, and concentration. Clearly if you can make someone forget their name you can help them achieve their goals. And be awesome.

I read some of A Whole New Mind. It talks about the future of humanity as synthesis and holistic solutions rather than breaking apart more ideas. I tend to feel a both/and approach is necessary. The whole reason to exist is to experience emotions. However, logic is best at discovering how to amplify them.

Later I meditated and thought about what it would be like to receive a brain chip that radically augments intelligence. How would that change your life? I pictured it as instant calculations and knowledge of everything in my environment and easily followed trains of thought. It reminds me of the movie Limitless. Highly recommended.

I also thought about living in Africa as a prehuman animal. Consciousness isn’t that old, you know. We didn’t even start painting until about thirty thousand years ago.

Hunch: We are going to meet alien civilizations.

Are you up for that?

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