Meaning and Automatic Imagination

I’ve been reading A Whole New Mind. I like that it talks about meaning. I journaled about this a couple of nights ago, thinking deeply about it. Life seems to have meaning because of the evolutionary benefits that come from sensible objects. Things that work are more beautiful. The more deeply they work, and the more they touch the core of our souls, the more we inherently love them.

Life has meaning because it works. And that’s amazing, because it shows that what is important is not your physical body and memories but the good you can do for other life.


I’m having a fun time in Vegas with my hypnosis buddies. Here’s Marcus showing off Yoda.

“Do or do not. There is no try.”


Vegas is something else.

Talking to the hypnosis guys is fascinating. Kev Sheldrake and I discussed the Automatic Imagination Model of Hypnosis. The idea is that a person is always imagining, but they realize that. When they forget they are imagining they can exhibit hypnotic phenomena.


Certainly some nice scenery.

Imagine you’re imagining this!

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