Use Leverage

Nothing can be done without effort. But not all effort is the same. It depends on leverage: if you push a door on the edge, it opens a lot easier than the middle or hinge-side. So the challenge is to know where to apply your leverage. Getting the muscle is simple, knowing where to apply … [Read more…]

Dream It and See It

There’s nothing stopping you. Maybe on the short-term, for certain goals. But any dream or vision you have for how the world could be better is possible to the degree that you can dream it. The pieces have to be put into play and you have to enjoy the process so it’s sustainable. So take … [Read more…]

Go In Over Your Head

Time spent learning is never wasted. Learning something hard is confusing, frustrating at times. It’s like being a kid again. That feeling is good, though. The more you feel in over your head, the more you’re growing. But don’t forget to rest, because the battle begins anew tomorrow.

Memory Merge

In recent days I’ve been talking with a good friend Ricardo about the self and the future of technology. I stumbled upon an idea that cleared up a problem I had with whether you’d experience a copy of your brain. Imagine you’re cloned by creating an exact copy of your cells and memories. It would … [Read more…]

Peter Diamandis – 2012-03-06

Peter Diamandis 2012-03-06 Recording “He has founded over 15 companies.” “Can you guys hear me ok?” “Let’s begin.” “The only thing you cared about was within a day’s walk.” “Nothing is more important to us than survival.” “Your mind will focus in on the negative stories.” “Every generation thinks it’s the last.” “Here are some … [Read more…]

Interesting Books – 2012-03-06

More interesting books, to find interesting problems. The Clean Coder: A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers ISBN: 9780137081073 vii[He and I shared a passion for programming and for clean code.] xiv[It was the sort of environment in which some people complain, and others point out that “pressure makes diamonds.”] xiv[We got things done.] xvii[Somehow, … [Read more…]

Reflect on Behavior

There is something to be said for successfully understanding yourself. Reach down into your actions of the past and trying to discover out why you did them. Sure, you might be making it up. You might be rationalizing. But repeat this process of reflection on behavior and soon enough you’ll come to understand why you … [Read more…]

Books on 2012-03-02

My brilliant friend Harvey Multani recommended a strategy to narrow your focus on interesting problems. He said to go to a bookstore and walk around, picking up the first 10 books that look interesting to you. Then sit down, read the first 2 pages in each. Put in this initial burst of effort to find … [Read more…]