San Francisco and Pen Sticks

Yesterday I imagined reality as a man running the Sahara. I ran 1.75mi straight. I’ve never done that before. I didn’t believe I could. Hypnosis is a very powerful tool.


I was going to a Life Extension conference in South San Francisco. The longer people live the more experience they have and value they can give back. I made it to the station too fast and mistakenly got on a Caltrain that was express to SF.

I called my friend Ricardo who works at the Pacific Tradewinds Hostel and he brought some travelers, Marco and Leigh, to roamed the beautiful city with. We talked about our adventures in life. All you really have is memories, so make them count. Spend money on experiences, not things.

We grabbed some Chinese food and headed to D-Structure to play ping-pong.


Ricardo thought this monster looked sad. I’ve kept octopuses. They have complex emotions.

Who knows what a brain that big is thinking!


Here’s Ricardo after I’ve used my hypnosis superpowers.

He’s a curious Ricardo.


Any lover of Jurassic Park is a friend of mine. This is Alok.

I hypnotized him and Ricardo and stuck a pen to their hand so they couldn’t drop it, even when I offered money.

It’s astounding the power of words and the mind.


Ricardo is a photographer. He took great action shots of this Berlin-style pingpong. Players go around a circle volleying the ball until someone makes a mistake, then they are eliminated. Alok did very well!


Emphasize the good. What you focus on, you create more of.

Afterward Kevin and Jay and I went around to different parties in Haight. There were quite a few French people, which is always enjoyable.

This morning I drove to the Life Extension conference. I didn’t get a good feeling from it.

Let’s not just stave off death, let’s build ways to live forever. It’s a different attitude.


I take this sky-shot as a sign to visit other worlds. Silicon Valley is beautiful after a rain, but maybe so is Saturn.


Hung out with three badasses in sky-city: Kevin, Jay, and Harvey.

I explained an idea about how to rapidly adjust the inner-self at a coffee shop.

I’m going to make it simpler to understand. It’s super-powerful at destroying limiting beliefs.


The body creates mind creates the body.

Never give up, ever!


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