SF and EduTech Mixer

Jay Damodaran and I went to San Francisco for a jaunt around the city and an education technology mixer.


Jay, in fact, does look like a movie star.


That’s Sutro Tower. It’s about a thousand feet tall. Look closely and you can see two regular-sized towers to the left of it. It looks like an alien structure to me. Nothing wrong with that.

When we arrived in SF, Jay and I ate at Kasa Indian near Market Street. So delicious and awesome prices. The rice and chicken tikka masala was so tasty and I enjoyed the Limca soda too!


Afterward we walked around looking for a coffee shop to work at. I feel empathy for people that have wild and crazy ideas.

We worked for a while. I daylogged about my experiences in Vegas. Memories are your most precious resource. I highly recommend a journal.

Around 6pm Jay and I went to an EduTech Mixer. It was a fantastic time, like a wild-house of positive energy about helping people learn in creative ways.

For instance, I didn’t know there was a branch of Psychology called Social Learning Theory. One panelist said that students in a group spend three times longer working on a problem than alone.

It’s a crazy-good time on Earth right now.

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