Thiel vs Gilder Debate

Thiel vs Gilder Debate

“So that the next generation is better than the last.”

Reading notes is lame, dude. No way to make that exciting.

“Cell phone penetration will reach 70% soon.”

“Three of the smartest, most insightful and thoughtful people.”

“Positive feedback loops.”

“most perceptive, greatest commentators on the Internet”

“legendary investor”

Oh my god these guys suck at speaking.

“Not a breakthrough, just a repackaging of the status quo.”

What isn’t, though?

“Is techology accelerating or decelerating?”

“I’m very honored to be here tonight.”

“Almost everywhere except computers there has been deceleration.”

“With the exception of computers we have had slowdown.”

This guy reminds me of Bill Gates-lite. Nerdy and often missing the point.

“Within the Silicon Valley context…”

“The tech didn’t work as advertised.”

“It would be unethical and immoral to tell a young person to study nuclear engineering.”

But why is tech slowing? It doesn’t seem like it should be a necessary effect of tech. If there’s a reason, let’s fix it.

He feels like he’s trying to play a game here, not like he really believes it.

“They say it’s not really possible to do these things.”

“I’m not happy giving a negative story here.”

“We need to separate the tech slowdown as a fact and as a problem.”

“Giving people utopian dreams will result in a misallocation of capital.”

“We probably have a government bubble.”

“We can print money because things grow on trees.”

“That’s not the kind of world I want to live in.”

“We’re lost in a desert not in some sort of emerald forest.”


“He was a titan of wireless.”

“As I studied this subject I came to the conclusions…”

Trying to tear apart the “fact” and “problem” seems illusory. You should have a theory for the relation between both.

“Genetics is based on information theory.”

“Information theory is more powerful than physics.”

“It’s impact will spread across all the various fields.”

“We are in a period of incredible advances, across the board, everywhere you look.”

I don’t know if that’s true, but that’s not referencing the actually problem.

“At this very moment there are 500 million people in the air.”

“Nanotech has failed, partly because of Richard Feynman’s failed model of physics.”

“It’s just not a feasible project to do nanotech the way they envisioned it.”

“Israel has completely beat the water problem while nobody was looking.”


“The optimism about the future has gradually gone down.”

“California was one of the best places to go in the 1930’s.”

“The question of how we measure all these things is endemic to the discussion.”

“All the engineering disciplines that have to do with stuff and not bits have been outlawed.”


“Life favors the cognitively elite.”

George Gilder
Born November 29, 1939
New York City, U.S.

Peter Thiel
Born October 11, 1967
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

“We really had a mania, and this mania is probably coming to an end now.”

“By me doing you so are going to gain a tremendous amount of nerve and start holding up your hands.”

“I think this is false problem.”

“Here we are in a depression, comparable to the 30s depression from some points of view.”

“We are doing utterly destructive behavior day after day after day.”

“I generally agree with you, at least in theory.”

“You can’t say everything should be like Google.”

“I started looking around and discovered something interesting.”

“The Internet is a new level of interconnectivity.”

“It’s very difficult to erect buildings in the US.”

“We are all against carbon foot prints, and unfortunately we are all made of carbon, which makes that difficult.”

“History shows us cutting government spending is ALL UPSIDE.”

“Micro-regulation is the real problem, not taxation.”

“It’s a good phenomenon, but it has it’s limits.”

“I don’t think it’s a good thing to judge what people are doing.”

“It’s not clear it’s enough to take our civilization to the next level.”

“I don’t like picking on individual companies.”

“Entrepreneurship needs to be oriented toward what are important problems that can be solved.”

“Master some particular skill that allows you to accomplish something that other people need to have done.”

“It’s the development of these tools that is really important.”

“80% substance, 20% process.”

Process is a lot easier.

“It’s an abuse of litigation.”

“The market started to focus on shorter and shorter things.”

Actually, governments are short-term oriented, not markets.

“My bias tends to be liberation, which is that government.”

He argued the facts rather than the process to get to the facts, or the problem, so that they didn’t have to go to a higher level of debate that would be more fruitless.

“The problem is…”

“I think there’s some room for that.”

“Philosophers are bad at being kings.”

“Great scientists are very different from great politicians.”

Videos up on the website.

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