Vegas Holding Pattern

I flew to Vegas today via Virgin America. We were sitting in the reasonably-comfortable seats when over the intercom the captain announces:

“Well, we’re about 10 minutes from Las Vegas. I can see out of the left window. However, there is a VIP security official down there. We have to go into a holding position until it takes flight.”

We had to wait about a half-hour for Obama’s plane to take off. They won’t let anyone land or take off until he’s up.


It’s pretty ridiculous the security theater that goes on. Do people actually believe taking off shoes helps reduce crime? We need less fear and more science.


You know you’re in California when there is yoga in an airport.

I was tempted, I admit. It’s the kind of thing that makes sense: A long and stressful environment, countered by stretching and meditation.


We’re living in the future. We’re in metal seats rocketing through the clouds thirty thousand feet above the ground and we’re putting juice in our mobile devices.


Honestly, 33 percent of Americans reading 11 or more books a year sounds amazing to me.

Read more: “However much TV you watch, watch less.”


An airplane with pink lights, what a beautiful world we live in.

Loving is a choice.


When I see things from this perspective I realize how much we can grow.

We have an entire planet to use to process information and create meaningful lives. Our sensations are tiny compared to the vast amounts of space we could be using to generate them.

We could have virtual worlds within worlds within worlds. We could live in them all simultaneously, merging the memories seamlessly to experience a reality never before known. Imagination is infinite.

“Never recreate from your memory. Always imagine new places!” — Inception

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