Keep Steady

You need to test your ideas. The conclusions you have reached may not be accurate any longer. If you update them you will be happier and better. It’s easy to notice the good of an idea. Every idea has good points. It’s the nuggets of untruth that bring it to its knees. To test and … [Read more…]

Think like a Firehose of Positivity

You control your perceptions by choosing what you want to think about. When you think positively you begin to interpret and find more positive things. Let’s say you’re traveling in a new city and walking all day. You’ve gone to a few fascinating museums, explored awesome local culture, and had a couple delicious meals. But … [Read more…]

Love and Fear as Motivators

I talked with a friend the other day about the reason for stress or fear. I asked him why he thought it was useful. He said fear can be an effective motivator. If you’re afraid your business will fail unless you make the deadlines and put in the hard work, then you’re more likely to … [Read more…]

We Are Experiencing Beings

Yesterday I went to a friend’s birthday party at Laser Quest. Imagine you are this mighty bear. Nothing stands in your way! You are even smarter and more powerful than this beast. It’s not about what you can’t do. It’s about all the awesome that you have done, and will continue to do, as you … [Read more…]

You are Patterns

Imagine a shovel your father gave you. It’s a long piece of wood with a heavy-duty metal blade to dig and break the ground with. You used it for a long time, a few years of good work. Then the handle broke, cracked and splintered at the end near the metal. The metal was still … [Read more…]

Talk of Heels and American Hunger

When I see things like this, wrapped up to keep the stink away, it brings me back to days in Atlanta in the International Village. Even in the past there is exquisite beauty. Never forget that. Can you believe this is nature? It’s so elegant. I had a good talk with Shruti Nair for a … [Read more…]

Communication and Persuasion

Yesterday I worked on a report for No Lies, Please about how to reduce stress and be happier. It will be released soon. “A projection carries less information than the higher-dimensional object.” As above, so below. Later I went to the Stanford “School of Education” for a Communication and Persuasion class and saw this computer … [Read more…]

Your Past Can Be Rewritten

Every time you remember, you’re changing how you remember in the future. Do this in the right way and you can delete beliefs that are holding you back. Happiness is a choice. Imagine yourself as a happy person, with nothing holding you back. Imagine that’s really you. Realize that’s who you are now.