Think like a Firehose of Positivity

You control your perceptions by choosing what you want to think about. When you think positively you begin to interpret and find more positive things.

Let’s say you’re traveling in a new city and walking all day. You’ve gone to a few fascinating museums, explored awesome local culture, and had a couple delicious meals. But now your feet hurt.

There are a few ways to look at this pain. You can see it as a terrible hassle: “Now tomorrow is ruined! And oh, getting back to the hostel is going to be so bad! Could things get any worse? Oh, now it’s started to rain!! Gah, this trip sucks!”

That’s a completely disempowering way to live life. There is no reason to interpret existence that way. Pain is a sensation, it is information.

Here’s another way to look at this sensation of pain: “Wow, that’s interesting. Now I’ll get to breathe deeply and enjoy the sights and sounds and smells at a relaxed pace! Maybe I’ll chill in a comfortable chair and peoplewatch while I drink some hot tea. Ah, now it’s started to drizzle. I love the sweet lifegiving water that cleanses the air and beautifies the surfaces of the city. I _love_ living.”

You choose your mind. You choose your experience.

Choose wisely. Choose beauty.

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