You are Patterns

Imagine a shovel your father gave you. It’s a long piece of wood with a heavy-duty metal blade to dig and break the ground with.

You used it for a long time, a few years of good work. Then the handle broke, cracked and splintered at the end near the metal.

The metal was still good, so you crafted a new piece of wood and plopped it back in. It worked great.

Until one day the metal hit a rock and fractured, having grown a little rusty. You found a man selling more metal blades. One of them was the right size for your wood, so you bought it.

Is this the same shovel your father gave you?

In a sense it is, because you are using it for the same tasks. It works the same way.

In another sense it is not, because all the pieces are different.

Yet, how many pieces must be different before it is not the same? If the wooden handle is swapped but the metal blade is kept, is it the same shovel?

My point is that you are constantly changing. You are a pattern, just like that shovel is a pattern. You can swap your fear for confidence (like a handle for a stronger handle) and you can swap your anger for compassion (like a blade for a thicker blade).

You’re choosing to be who you are.

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