Choose to Love More

Gracefulness of embedded reality, help me understand the nature of choice and love.

Here is what I want to know: why do we often find ourselves in a state where we look down upon the simple pleasures of life?

The pleasure of sweet sunlight on bare skin, the tasty crunch of an ice cream cone, why are we playing down the value of these lovely enterprises? I just want to sit and do nothing every once and a while, you know?

And that’s the problem I have with chasing money or illusions of happiness: they aren’t real. If you aren’t happy now, with all you have that’s glorious, what is one more trinket really going to do?

To me, the possession of true worth is in your head all along: your ability to express love. The funny thing about love is that the more you express it the more you feel it.

It’s like a tuning mechanism for your brain: you tune into those feelings of positivity and excitement and deep affection, and soon the tune you are singing has changed. It’s rather like priming a pump, where you fill the pipe with enough water and then it flows evenly and smoothly.

Do you want to be more in love with life? Then start by finding those little things in life you love: the twitch of a squirrel tail or the gracefulness of a cat or the elegance of a starry night.

You get more of what you focus, such is how the pattern matcher of your brain functions. Focus on the love and it will come out in waves of expression, and each time it builds upon itself, like a pendulum that gets higher with every swing.

Soon the love of life is stirring the words you say and the thoughts you think, and the people you are with begin to catch on. If math is infinite, and love is based in a mathematical world, then the property of love is also itself unbounded.

Therefore, seek it out! Let it overcome you and your petty fears of life and death and failure, let it sweep aside the notion of individuality and grant you the interconnectedness of a vastly more elegant life.

Love the sunlight and the crunch of the ice cream cone; love the twisting of the branches as you watch the squirrel scramble up the tree, and rather than pointing at these as mere trivial pursuits, let them advance within you and overwhelm you with a positivity and grandeur of existence!

Look upon the world with a zest and a wonder deeper than curious babies, and let it fill your heart with elegance and rightness. That is my offering to you: to choose love.

I hope you take it.


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  1. Ann Mitchell

    What a wonderful way to describe love and encouragement to love more. You are so right…the more we love, the more we love!

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