Everything You Do Matters

Consider this fact. Everything you do has an impact on other things, and that impact can set off ripple effects that impact other things. This all happens in an emergent, twisty and counterintuitive way. You bump into someone at the grocery store, accidentally knocking them into a course that changes their lives. Because of that … [Read more…]

Keep Going

If we look up or we look down, we realize this mathematical universe has many great qualities in terms of size and emergent complexities. And so, O great mystery of reality, I ask for a few insights into the keys of beauty and truth and awareness. I realize now how sleep illustrates that the conscious … [Read more…]

Being Good

What does it mean to be good? Can we choose it? Should we choose it? I’m talking about the things that are right and wrong, not merely good pleasure or bad pain. Of course, on some level, it always has to boil down to that, but it’s about taking a long-view and making it match … [Read more…]

Multidimensional Eyes

If you have one eye then you see in two dimensions. If you have two eyes you can overlay the images and see the depth of 3D. If you have two 3D images overlaid then do you see in 4D? This should be easy to construct. Your intuition of higher dimensions can be trained, just … [Read more…]