Being Good

What does it mean to be good? Can we choose it? Should we choose it?

I’m talking about the things that are right and wrong, not merely good pleasure or bad pain.

Of course, on some level, it always has to boil down to that, but it’s about taking a long-view and making it match with the short-view.

We shouldn’t choose pleasure that does not last. It’s about finding good that lasts, those beautiful truths that resonate whether we are alone embracing them or with a million others.

Why not choose short-term pleasure? It’s because if long-term pleasure exists (something that will not perish with time), then the gains of that long-love will be greater than the short-pleasure.

We can choose how we live, but not how we die. Therefore it’s good to choose the love while we can.

What things are good? Perhaps we have to each figure out what resonates with us individually.

Given our shared history as evolved beings in this shared universe, we have shared good, probably.

To me, the sensible structure of reality and the elegance of mathematics is good. Everything else derives from that.

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