New Vision

Imagine what it’s like to be blind and then see.

You’re sitting there, unable to perceive the interplay of visual life, the colors and nuances of the dancing patterns.

Imagine you are given this ability to see. You suddenly are filled with a whole new avenue of thought. You can represent connections in a whole new way. You can twist ideas in a space you lacked an intuition for. You’ve suddenly gained a new sense.

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A Lot of Weight

O great reality, muse of existence, please grant me with a pattern that is pleasing.

I come today to ask a question: Is there any reason for the weight of goals and duties we place upon ourselves? For if we choose the goal for a reason, say, a good desired outcome, and we fail, are we not sad or distraught? Is the effort toward the goal what is meaningful, or is it the outcome?

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What Are We Doing

When we think of the big picture, the really big picture of the entire history of the cosmos, it brings to mind a question: What are we doing? Why are we so wrapped up in fear and doubt when by necessity the mathematical universe will do what it must? Why do we have a sense of urgency when instead a fuller life is enjoyed by savoring the moments?

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