New Vision

Imagine what it’s like to be blind and then see.

You’re sitting there, unable to perceive the interplay of visual life, the colors and nuances of the dancing patterns.

Imagine you are given this ability to see. You suddenly are filled with a whole new avenue of thought. You can represent connections in a whole new way. You can twist ideas in a space you lacked an intuition for. You’ve suddenly gained a new sense.

An ability to detect patterns is a sense. If your spidey-sense starts going off in a dark alley, that is a sense. It may not be sensing what is physically there, it be may sensing a pattern.

You grow your senses like you grow your skills.

When you work a lot with words, you gain an intuition for spelling and what “looks” right.

We humans have the vast potential to grow as many senses as we want. We can build and layer them, like bricks of a house. We can see patterns where no other animal does. They stare at a car like it’s a piece of metal. They are blind to the transportation possibilities within.

We develop senses and gain new power over the world. We learn and see connections. We use them to make life better.

Given technology, our senses are truly unlimited. We can hold the information we want outside our brains.

What does this imply? It suggests to me that there are no boundaries. We will continue to make life better at an unprecedented rate.

Imagine we take this advancement for granted. Imagine we assume we’re going to be better off than our parents, no matter what.

That assumption might encourage never being satisfied.

Instead of developing the mind, developing the heart may be needed. Being joyful and content requires accepting what we have and embracing it.

Developing the intuition of beauty and harmony graces us with a new vision. A harmonious mind sees connections hidden to one that constantly tumbles.

For instance, imagine you’re on the road and drinking a coffee and talking on the cell phone, going 65 down a major highway. This is not harmonious. You won’t see that motorcycle that’s passing by. You’ll be blind to it.

This is why you should develop the sense of being satisfied. Senses are recognized patterns. Too much disruption and the pattern isn’t recognizable. Stabilize the mind and you recognize the patterns you were blind to before.

How do you become satisfied? Be harmonious and accept.

Let go and accept the world.

You see higher patterns when you’re content.


  1. Kathy

    I once was blind but now I see was lost but now I’m found. Yes, a whole new avenue of thought! Develop the heart! Stabilize the mind and may we recognize the patterns.

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